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Melbourne Assessment Prison now protected from VBIED

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The recent installation of High Impact, Energy Absorbing Bollards at Melbourne Assessment Prison has secured the building against Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) ram raiding.   

Based in Spencer Street, the prison formerly known as the Melbourne Remand Centre improved its pedestrian and vehicle security with bollards stationed at the general access area and in front of an external roller door.

Aside from their high impact, anti-ram raid and energy absorbing capabilities, the bollards utilised are also key lockable, removable, access controllable, sub surface mounted and powder coated yellow. With dimensions of 1000mm in height (above ground) and 140mm in diameter, these bollards offer the ultimate protection against ram raiding.

The two-pronged approach implemented by Australian Bollards is designed to apply protection against VBIED on the outer of the prison, as well as within the populous general access area where staff and visitors would be in harm’s way.

With no bollards of any kind previously in place, these additional measures at Melbourne Assessment Prison are warranted, as the prospect of a ram raid with the intention of freeing prisoners is alarming.

The AB-WTKL140-Y bollards are not only capable of halting a VBIED attack but have the potential to deter offenders from even attempting to set off an explosive. These same preventative measures can also be applied at other high risk locations, examples being the installation of bollards at Epping Plaza Shopping Centre and the Immigration Museum.

So what other places are high risk?

Melbourne Assessment Prison is certainly a high threat area but it is not the only one. There are a host of other locations where the likelihood of VBIED ram raids is significantly increased.

Shopping Centres

As mentioned above, Epping Plaza recently increased their security to defend against ram raiding. Shopping centres in the vein of Epping, Doncaster Westfield and Chadstone are all extremely busy and with thousands of customers and traders passing through the building every day, the detonation of a VBIED could be devastating.

Entertainment Venues

Cinemas, theatres and museums all involve the congregation of large crowds during a specific timeframe and consequently, pose a threat in the event of an explosion. With many of Melbourne’s major theatres situated on bustling CBD street corners, the risk of ram raiding is very real.

Sporting Grounds

Sporting grounds are yet another example of huge amounts of people converging on an enclosed location. In the case of the Melbourne Cricket Ground, there is potential for upwards of 100,000 patrons at once, all of whom would be in a dire situation in the instance of a VBIED.

Government Centres

It should come as no surprise that areas frequented by politicians and high ranking government officials are prime targets for VBIED attacks. Arguably the most prominent government centre in Melbourne, Parliament of Victoria is just metres from Spring Street and the occurrence of an explosion would put not only those inside the building at risk, but those outside as well.

Train Stations

Railway stations in the inner city are as busy as anywhere else. Were a VBIED equipped car able to detonate with striking distance of a train, it could not only result in injuries and loss of life but derail the train itself, inflicting additional damage to the infrastructure of the station.


The installation of VBIED proof bollards at Melbourne Assessment Prison is a necessary measure to prevent against ram-raiding. Given the many other high risk areas in the Melbourne CBD alone, it is a form of protection that should be implemented thoroughly across the city.

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