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London’s evolving bollard-style streetscape security solution

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During the last year, several major cities around the world have been the target of vehicle-borne attacks. 

One of them is London. After the 2017 Westminster attack, it has taken further steps to protect its urban façade against future vehicle-borne attacks.  

According to Professor Jon Coaffee, of the Resilient Cities Lab at the University of Warwick, ‘more public spaces and transport infrastructure have been protected by ad hoc concrete blocks or metal barriers that, in many cases, will evolve into bollard-style streetscape security solutions.’ 

While many other cities in the world also have started to move in the same direction, London remains a front runner. 

Their evolving bollard-style streetscape solution could be the way forward for many other global cities, including in Australia. 

Safety doesn’t have to come at the expense of aesthetics or comfort. With Australian Bollards’ Soft Approach to Hard Security Solutions, you get the best from both worlds.  

We manufacture and supply aesthetically pleasing bollards that blend seamlessly into the environment while providing VBT and VBIED protection. 

Our popular Soft Approach bollards include our banksia bollards and vanguard bollard range, but we can also tailor solutions to fit any need. We could for example manufacture bollards that look like cricket balls or footballs that could be installed in front of sporting precincts.  

With our Soft Approach range, it’s possible to successfully create bollard-style streetscape solutions in Australian cities that can mitigate the effects of vehicle attacks while being decorative and practical at the same time. 

See our Soft Approach to Hard Security catalogue for more inspiration, or view our VBIED streetscape range on

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