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London Bridge provides reminder for Australian security

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The world has been shocked by the terrorist attacks in the UK last week where four Australians were caught up in the chaos.

While UK politicians are discussing security measures which can be undertaken, the attacks serve as a reminder to the rest of the world to increase their security as well.

Australians know all too well the dangers of terrorism and unstable citizens with a host of incidents in the past year, including the Bourke Street car rampage and the hostage event in Brighton a few days ago.

If someone wants to go on a car rampage and cause the most impact, there are clear potential targets, the CBD, sporting stadiums, outdoor malls, concert halls or any other places where large groups of people gather in open space.

To increase the safety in these areas VBIED bollards should be installed in gaps between the road and foot paths.

Australian Bollards offer a range of bollards which will stop a large vehicle travelling at high speed entering a footpath which not only provide protection but will provide artistic merit to the city streets.

Whether it be concrete spherical bollards which tired shopper goers can sit on, banksia bollards which can bring light to the streets or designer bollards which will add a touch of class, these bollards do far more than provide protection. 

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