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'Little Streets', Larger Space

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As a plan to make Melbourne the premier bicycle city of Australia, Lord Mayor Sally Capp has released a 10-year draft transport strategy. The plan is to expand the six kilometres of protected bike lanes to more than 50 kilometres by the year 2030; creating more space for pedestrians and cyclists in the CBD.  

Protected intersection for cyclists

The council will remove some of the city’s off-street parking, clearing the equivalent of 30 MCGs or 20 Burke St Malls of space. Our esteemed ‘Little Streets’ of Melbourne’s CBD (Little Collins, Little Burke, Little Lonsdale, Little La Trobe) will be closed at times to cars, creating a safe and less congested space for the public to enjoy.

Map with the percentage of vehicles passing through the CBD

With a high demand for pedestrian and cyclist space and minimal interference from vehicles, Australian Bollards provides The Centurion Shallow and Surface Mounted Sliding Bollard System; the ultimate way to keep out traffic and ensure public safety.

Our Centurion Surface Mounted Sliding Bollard System AB-MRS370-PA-IWA14 is an innovative solution to public safety, ready for short term deployment at a moments’ notice. The Centurion Surface Mounted Sliding Bollard System is a ground-breaking solution to providing safety in public areas. It consists of sliding bollards flanked by fixed bollards.

Centurion Sliding Bollard

The sliding bollards shift horizontally to let vehicles through, and unlike vertically-retracted bollards, they can be installed as a surface-mount system. This means no excavation is required. The Centurion complementary serves as a protective barrier against vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED) and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM), protecting while simultaneously allowing passage for vehicles in emergency situations. The Centurion Bollard is an A.I. Solution that will enable you to complete access control.

The Centurion complies with the industry standards of PAS 68 and IWA 14-1.
These are the impact performance requirement for a vehicle security barrier.

Centurion sliding and fixed Bollards at Cavill avenue

It is the only solution available in Australia to hire that complies with both PAS 68 and IWA 14-1.

For more information on our Centurion systems, please visit our website or call +613 9549 3488.

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