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Kicking Goals in Worldwide Sporting Event Protection

by: Australian Bollards on

Football fans all over the world were recently entertained with one of the biggest sporting events in the world. The soccer World Cup occurs every four years and is an exciting spectacle for viewers all around the globe.

 It begs the same question every four years, what is the host country doing in terms of security to protect its own civilians and tourists visiting the country?

There are certain implementations which can be used to protect innocent civilians against different hazards. One such implementation which provides protection are Australian Bollards’ VBIED bollards which act as a barrier against vehicle attacks.

Bollard installations can be highly effective in protecting civilians, but they have the downfall of being unappealing visually. Australian Bollards value a soft approach to hard security and has created aesthetically pleasing alternatives to protecting patrons.

Australian Bollards VBIED designer bollards pictured above are just one example of how organisers of different sporting events such as the Australian Open, AFL Grand Final or Big Bash Cricket events can protect patrons whilst still putting high importance on aesthetics.

Although the face of the bollard appears fun and happy, there is much more behind them, 1.5 tonne to be exact. The weight and fixture of the bollard allows for protection against hostile vehicle attacks, placing importance on both appearance and safety.

The VBIED bollards provide for functionality on many different levels. The appearance of these bollards allows the landscape of the area to be modernised. The bollards can also allow for lighting, seating and to reduce congestion in busy areas.

Another element to these bollards is that they allow patrons to feel comfortable. Less visually appealing alternatives such as concrete bollards may make patrons feel as though there is an associated risk with being in the area.

However, more permanent and visually appealing alternatives make the space appeal as though it has attained different pieces of art.

Along with using these alternatives on a global scale and in big events, Australian Bollards has a vision to install many of these VBIED bollards on our home front in Australia. 

Stadiums such as Adelaide Oval, Etihad Stadium, the MCG and many more may be benefited from the installation. Not only would this allow for Australian citizens to be protected at sporting events, but it would allow for our Australian landscape to maintain its beautiful nature.

If you are interested in Australian bollards soft approach to hard security, do not hesitate to contact us on (03) 9459 3488 or look at our website.

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