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The key to warehouse protection

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Warehouses are often left unattended over nights and weekends while they store stockpiles of valuable assets, so naturally they need to be well protected. 

But during times of operation, a warehouse will be a buzz of machinery, trucks and people so allowing good traffic flow is incredibly important as well.

Australian Bollards has recently completed an installation at Dutton Wholesale in Port Melbourne which demonstrates how both a high level of protection and good traffic flow can be achieved.

The installation features removable, key lockable bollards. This means the bollards can be locked into place when the warehouse is unattended and removed to allow the free flow of trucks, machinery and people during hours of operation.

The bollards feature a handle for easy carrying and is sub surfaced mounted into a hole which has a lid which will automatically cover the gap when the bollard is removed.

If left unprotected, a roller shutter door will provide a target for ram-raid attacks so a wall of bollards will stop any would-be thieves trying such techniques.

If you have a warehouse that needs protective solutions, our customer service team would love to hear from you.

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