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Keeping You Safe Wherever You Go.

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Whenever you leave the house you have the right to stay safe, no matter if you’re at the local shopping center, the local cinema or in the city. This applies all year round.

When going out with friends and family, you want to feel safe, especially if you are entering high foot traffic areas such as a cinema, like the Hoyts cinema in Frankston, pictured below. If you’re going to see a much-anticipated movie, such as the latest animated film, the latest horror film or the latest Marvel film you’ll be glad to know that VBIED (Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device bollards can now be installed in-front of your local cinema to protect you an those around you from vehicle borne attacks. 

If you’re spending the day in a shopping mall such as the one below, with friends, family or you’re simply at work you want to know you’re safe from ram-raids, where people drive their cars into buildings, ATMs and shop windows to steal and destroy property. With the latest stainless-steel Anti-ram raid bollards from Australian Bollards, you can work and have fun knowing that you are safe from vehicle borne attacks.

When you’re in the city, to celebrate, work, have fun or for time away you always have the right to feel protected. And with recent events all over the world of dangerous incidents, where people have driven cars into pedestrians. These times call for safety measures such as bollards and barriers to protect walk ways at all times.

Australian Bollards offers many different safety barriers, such as PAS 68 and IWA 14-1 rated bollards that protect against VBIED attack, as well as bollards for events and commercial areas.

Australian Bollards pride themselves on protecting people, rain or shine, in all events and all times.

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