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Keeping SA safe

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When it comes to protection from terrorist attacks in public areas, sporting arenas are a high priority.

They are venues where tens of thousands of people group together which means it is an ideal target for VBIED and VBT attacks.

The Adelaide Oval has recognized this and is preparing to replace their temporary concrete barriers with 190 steel bollards giving the oval 360-degree protection.

Transport Minister, Stephen Mullighan said the safety and security of Adelaide Oval attendees and staff is his number one priority.

He said the temporary concrete barriers have been working fine but security experts suggested a stronger, better solution.

The solution was engineered by a team of international security experts, the SA Police and people who specifically deal with stadium security.

It is believed Sydney’s Allianz stadium, Melbourne’s Olympic park and MCG are to follow suit.

We propose a soft approach to hard security VBIED/ VBT rated solution when it comes to sporting arenas protection.

These bollards are architecturally designed to seamlessly blend into the environment to give a high level of protection without reminding sports fans or concert goes of the threat of terrorism.

 The Spalding Bollard range showcase how arena protection can add excitement to a venue without compromising on safety.

Australian Bollards applaud the move taken by the SA government to let the people enjoy all events without having to compromise on their security.

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