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Wherever you may or your staff may be – whether it is at a petrol station, a bank, a bottle shop, a railway station, a hospital or any other workplace you can now have peace of mind that your staff will be safe.  

The NJM Group Body Guard Camera Series provides safety and protection against aggressive behaviour and false accusations from members of the public. It helps workplaces maintain Occupational Health and Safety regulations and on-body video surveillance allows for any incidents which may occur to be recorded as they happen – with high resolution audio, video and image capture. The device is fitted with WiFi and GPS capabilities to further increase the safety and protection of staff who may not be on site.

The camera footage can either be viewed on the device itself with the playback option or it can be viewed externally, for example on a head office computer, via real-time video transmission. The benefit of this is that it allows employers to continually monitor an employee’s safety while off site. The footage will never get into the wrong hands with the password protection feature which only allows authorised persons to view recordings and also prevent the users from changing the settings on the device.

Bodyguard personal camera GPS enabled device allows security and PSO including maintenance teams to record any issues that may arise during the course of the daily duties and is recorded and allow supervisors to review problem areas which are identified by their team in the field.

The Body Guard Camera Series is also used by police officers, body guards and security guards to uphold their safety while on the job. This type of Personal Protective Equipment is fitted with night vision and waterproof capabilities, as well as fully operational in all weather conditions. NJM group can offer various different types of Body Guard Cameras to suit your specific application.

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