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Keeping Media House safe with contemporary design

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Strategically located on the corner of Collins and Spencer Streets opposite the major railway station of Southern Cross Station, Media House is a thriving office hub.

Due to the large number of people moving through the area every day as well as its centralised location, it’s at risk of becoming a target for ram-raids and terrorist attacks as we’ve seen with many recent incidents at shopping centres and venues around Australia.

Keeping the building and people in it safe is essential. This installation is just stage one of the project where bollards are going to be installed around the entire premises providing 360 degree protection.

Australian Bollards is taking a soft approach to complement the state of the art front and keep the hub safe at the same time. The flower pot bollards chosen for its protection fit neatly into the style without compromising on security.

Although the flower pots look artistic, they aren’t a laughing matter. Their sturdy granite construction provides hard protection against impact collisions.

Australian Bollards create many bollard designs that fit into any environment whether it’s a park, museum, cafe or shop front.

With bollards coming in many shapes and materials as well as easy customisations as an option there are solutions to suit any modern Australian cityscape.

This installation goes to show bollard protection can not only provide protection but can also be pleasing to the eye. 

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