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Keeping Indigenous Society Connected to Its Heritage

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Northern Health Hospital is opening the Jornung-Bik (pleasant place) Smoking Garden to help Indigenous Australians connect with their heritage in the modern urban environment. The smoking ceremony is an important ritual that is used to ward off bad spirits and help guide the deceased to the afterlife. To provide a modern version of the smoking ceremony in the hospital’s garden, Australian Bollards installed a “message stick” bollard that plays a recorded version of the ceremony.

The “message stick” is an engineered design created by the Australian Bollards team. The artwork was inspired by Indigenous art, and the recording is played with the push of a button. We’re always happy to create unique new products to meet our clients’ needs.

The original message sticks were pieces of wood with patterns carved or painted on to show that the bearer was a messenger. They were used by Australian tribes when a messenger was sent over long distances to communicate with another tribe. They are still used today by some Australians who maintain the traditional Aboriginal lifestyle.

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