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Keeping Heidelberg safe during Christmas

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Australian Bollards is committed to protecting local business’s around the area. As displayed in the image above, Australian Bollards has installed Anti-Ram Raid Key Lockable Removable Bollards at a warehouse in Heidelberg.

Whether you are at your local shopping centre buying Christmas gifts, visiting your family or working during the holidays, Christmas can be a chaotic time of the year.

As this time of the year can be extremely busy, people are more likely to encounter dangerous situations that can be easily prevented. So, ensuring the safety of the community and adding extra security to your business is extremely important.

Australian Bollards AB-CDKL90-Y Key Lockable Removable Bollard is the perfect solution to protect your business against Australian wide theft. This product ensures protection against industrial roller doors, retail and office entry doors, office and bank shop fronts, warehouses, and automatic teller machines (ATM’S). They have also been used to protect warehouses and cafe shop fronts from anti-ram raids nearby. 

These bollards are key lockable, fully removable and designed with customer needs, and are easily installed with a user-friendly operation.

As there is just less than a month left until Christmas, Australian Bollards strives to supply and deliver services to local business’s in need. 

Australian Bollards has also previously installed General Purpose Bollard’s on Burgundy Street, which have a chain connected between two bollards. The pairs of bollards help to protect pedestrians waiting to cross, and discourages cars from mounting the kerb while doing tight turns. 

These bollards are also designed to keep cars from driving onto the footpath while trying to park, as some drivers can accidentally step on the accelerator instead of the brake. Additionally, also serving as an anti-ram raid function for the businesses behind them. 

They are also ideal for boat, caravan and trailer protection.

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