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Ned Kelly Bike Racks are the real deal when it comes to secure bicycle parking. The unique design is tailored for the modern world, one where space efficiency and convenience is king. Luckily, Bike Hoops by Australian Bollards have hit the nail on the head with the Ned Kelly range.

Bicycles are hugely prevalent in the inner city. People ride them as a means of transportation, to keep fit and for leisure, with the end result being that at any given time, there are a lot of bikes on Melbourne roads.

So where do all these bicycles hide when they aren’t pounding the pavement? Well, for anybody fortunate enough to own a Ned Kelly Bike Rack, the answer is inside. The wall mounted nature of the product is an indoor friendly one, far preferable to the alternative of housing your two-wheeler on the street or in a storage unit.

There are a host of benefits, including less pedestrian disruption on the street that is associated with riders using traditional bike hoops and the increased confidence that comes with knowing that not only is your bicycle locked but also within the confines of four walls.

One of the best aspects of this unit is its versatility. While the Ned Kelly’s interior capabilities have already been documented, it is equally effective outside and can be applied to both solid and hollow wall surfaces.

It can be utilised in a variety of situations so that whether mounted inside a small apartment, an individuals’ office, a basement car park or at a university, there is always storage available regardless of someone’s agenda.

Manufactured from mild steel and available in two finishes (stainless or powder coated black), Ned Kelly Bike Racks are the ideal way for the contemporary citizen to secure their bicycle. 

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