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Jewellery Store unprotected from smash-and-grabs

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Two armed men burst into a Sunshine jewellery store during business hours on Wednesday. One robber wielded a gun and the other a hammer. The gunman threatened a staff member while his accomplice used his hammer to smash display cases, grabbing jewellery.

That same day, a man was charged over another jewellery store smash-and-grab only 30 kilometres away. Over a year ago, the convicted and five other thieves wore black balaclavas and armed themselves with steel mallets. Witnesses say it took “little more than 20 seconds” to rob the Mill Park store during broad daylight.

Detectives are still on the case. But what could have been done to prevent these break-ins? Preventatives are much more reliable than cures. Businesses with effective security systems in place are far less likely to wait to be robbed. And with the right protection the robbery wouldn't have happened at all.

Securecloak offers panic buttons and smokescreens to prevent robberies during business hours. Within seconds a staff member can use a remote to eject a smokescreen, instantly protecting themselves and their assets. Accompanied by an audible alarm system, warehouses, shops, banks and homes are ensured peace of mind and added security.

Securecloak's non-toxic smokescreen fills a room within seconds, forcing robbers and burglars to leave empty-handed. Securecloak protects your assets both inside and outside of business hours with burglary and robbery prevention systems. For more help and information on the Securecloak range, visit our website here.

Bollards: The First Line of Defence

Bollards are the first line of defence for any street-facing store with high amounts of foot traffic, businesses in small malls or arcades, or warehouses in isolated and industrial areas.

Whether it’s stainless steel and architecturally-designed bollards, inbuilt security cameras or foldable and retractable bollards, NJM Group offers a variety of solutions for your business.

Our extensive range caters for industrial warehouses and stores with High Impact, Energy Absorbing and Heavy Duty bollards, while stylish storefronts in architectural buildings have access to Solar, Designer and curved bollard protection.

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