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Is there a solution to spring floods?

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Even though spring has officially begun, the weather forecast does not appear bright, especially for people living in north-east Victoria who have been evacuated due to flooding.

After days of rain, with more than 70 millimetres falling in the Ovens River near Wangaratta during the last 24 hours, residents of low-lying areas of Myrtleford were evacuated to the Senior Citizens Centre. More than a thousand properties are without power and rivers continue to rise to major flood levels.

With rivers in the area being at their highest levels in two decades, this has not been an easy time for the citizens of Myrtleford, especially because the rivers and creeks pass closely to the CBD area. Authorities keep urging the citizens to stay away from the floods and not to go into the water, after receiving over 1000 calls for help during the last 24 hours.

Both rivers and state roads have been affected by these floods, with alerts issued for areas along King, Kiewa, Loddon and Avoca rivers and over 220 roads flooded.

In times of heavy rain and expected rise of river levels, it is crucial to undertake necessary preventative measures as soon as possible.

A removable solution with rapid deployment time is available from Australian Bollards. Our flood proof fencing, made of low carbon steel wire and geotextile is a simple yet effective way to manage emergencies of this nature.

It is built to protect an area and to significantly reduce the impact of flooding. It should be filled with rubble or similar material in order to prevent water penetration and to increase stability.

The quick installation is one of its main assets, as it enables timely action and prompt response from the community. Another advantage lays in its storage form, as it comes compressed and can be bought and kept in stock until implementation, taking only minimal space.

Produced in both single and double layer versions, it is suitable for different levels of flooding. In certain areas of the country prone to heavy rains and flash flooding like Queensland, where we have seen up to 100 mm in certain areas, the double layer version is recommended as a durable and safe solution.

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