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Introducing the Multi-Head Access Control Flex-Post

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The Multi-head access control flex post can be integrated with numerous technological solutions.

The bollard we are showcasing here has an attached intercom with a keypad to the lower head and an IP camera to the upper head.

We can integrate just about any technology into the bollard whether it be card readers, LED lights or even finger print scanners.

The access control system can easily be integrated with world leading intercom manufacturer’s solutions such as Seadan, Urmet, Fermax Australia or Deltacom.

And as always, we have gone the extra step when it comes to withstanding collisions and durability.

The design features a flexible insert which sits about midway up the post which has been engineered to bend when absorbing impact. This reduces damage to both the bollards and the vehicle in the case of a collision.

This makes the multi-head access control flex post an ideal solution for an entry point with high vehicle traffic.

And with the height of the upper post, truck drivers can interact with the bollard with ease.

It can be used a secure entry point at a warehouse delivery point, an employee premises entrance, private home entrance or any more application where security is paramount.

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