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Introducing the Emergency Help EDS

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A decade ago NJM Group developed the first ever variable rate board and presented it to the Australian market with great success.

Today, we have revolutionized the E-DS system(VRB) to provide the most advance help display point this country has ever seen.

This state-of-the-art device features an IP camera, touch screen functionality, direct contact to emergency services or in-house support and can also be used in remote environments using its 4G capabilities.

How great would it be to be able to walk up to a screen display at the beach which can tell you where the life guard stand and restaurants are in relation to you, tidal information, shark alerts and weather and if there is an emergency with one press of the touch screen you can talk directly to the lifeguards, the police or the ambulance service through an intercom. If you explained to the lifeguards that you were stung by a jelly fish, you could show the injury to the lifeguards through the built-in camera so they could give you the best possible advice to help you out.

Now picture yourself at a tram stop, the screen can show you maps, tram times, traffic alerts and again you’re one button away to contacting emergency services.

The possibilities of the E-DS 65 are endless and are only limited to your imagination.

Patrons can feel safer than ever knowing this resource is available to them while business owners can have the peace of mind that they have created a safe environment for their staff, their cliental and the public.

The system has a built-in intercom so a world of help, whether it be emergency services or in-house security is one button away.

And with an IP55 rating it is suitable for all outdoor locations such as parks and beaches as well as university campuses, hotels, hospitals, stadiums, schools and just about anywhere else where safety is paramount.

The 65” screen can display more than just safety information such as emergency exits points, warning messages and emergency contacts, at times of non-emergencies the screen can display general maps of the premises, advertising, traffic information or anything else your heart desires… all in 1080p HD quality.

Like all other E-DS systems the Emergency Help Point E-DS can be remotely managed over a cloud-based platform so changes in screen display can be done from the comfort of the administrator’s computer. The level of customisation can extend to giving sections of the screen touch screen capabilities while leaving other sections purely as a display. 

The 4G capabilities is an important feature as in emergency situations communications need to be sent over fast and modern wireless technology with the widest possible range. The 4G can also be used as a GPS to locate itself on a map.

NJM Group is proud to release this product to maintain its vision to make Australia a safer place and to continuing pioneering the evolution of E-DS systems in Australia. 

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