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Introducing Australia's Smartest Bike Sharing System

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With more and more people sharing roads, foot paths and public transport, countries around the world are dealing with population mobility issues and solutions must be created to efficiently enable populations to move from A to B.

As a result, bike sharing has dramatically increased in popularity this past decade, as seen with bicycle docking stations emerging around Australia and globally on a much larger scale.

Docking stations are the most common solution at the moment but new technology is emerging which alleviates a lot of the upfront costs and reduces the infrastructure needed.

Our new offering is the next generation of bike sharing technology and is something that is unseen in Australia.

It is an app based solution which provides a world of possibilities.

A docking station and payment booth are not necessary with this smart bike sharing system, there can simply be a row of bikes free standing with small unobtrusive ring shaped locks securing the bike wheels so they cannot be ridden.

To unlock the bike, registered users would simply open their app and press a few buttons and the bike will be ready to ride instantly.

Another major benefit of this system is advanced fleet management functionality.

Administrators can track every bike registered to the system and create geo fences to ensure bikes don’t go to unauthorised areas and there aren’t too many bikes in the same spot which can create pile ups.

China has been facing the issue of piles of shared bikes stacked on top of each other, but with good fleet management this issue can be alleviated.

Everyone using our system needs to register before riding a bike, creating a high level of accountability for leaving bikes inappropriately or for damaging bikes.

With more flexibility and functionality, app controlled bike sharing is the way of the future and it has now landed in Australia. 

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