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Intersection Protection for Pedestrian Crossings

by: NJM Group Marketing on

Two people have been injured after being struck by a vehicle inside Brisbane’s CBD last week.

The car ran up onto the kerb on the corner of George and Queen streets and hit two pedestrians as they crossed the road outside of the Treasury Casino at the Queen Street Mall entrance.

Australian Bollards are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our customers while providing high quality solutions based on your preferences.

Just like the bollards that we previously installed at the intersection of Burgundy Street and Hawdon Street in early January of this year, installing pairs of high impact general purpose bollards at Brisbane CBD’s intersections, where necessary, would be the perfect solution.

The AB-GP100-1200Y surface mounted bollard can be used to discourage cars from mounting the kerb while driving, helping to prevent harmful incidents from occurring.

Our company also offers a wide range of Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device solutions (VBIED) to prevent a deranged person from driving a car loaded with an explosive device into a building or premises.

Like the Vanguard Bollards that have been ruled out and implemented in different CBD's, we also provide the Spherical Streetscape Bollard which is a one tonne granite bollard that takes a soft approach to hard security.

While made to look aesthetically pleasing, this ideal solution is used for securing building entrances and pathway protection, while the proprietary design ensures that this product can withstand high impact collisions.

The AB-SB800-G’s eye pleasing and aesthetic finish can blend into environments while adding sophistication, beauty and protection all in one.

For more information on the VBIED range, call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website for more information.

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