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Intercom Bollards – Keeping in touch from a Distance

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Imagine it is raining outside on the very day you decided to visit a friend of yours.

This friend of yours is currently renting a unit and lives on the eighth floor of the building.

You arrive at the front entrance as the rain continues to pour and let your friend know you have arrived and ask them to let you into the building.  

This means that your friend has to make their way down eight flights of stairs before they are able to let you into the building, all while the ongoing rain continues falling on top of you.  

If this has happened to you before then Australian Bollards can help solve this problem with our range of Intercom Bollards.

Intercom bollards are a useful access control solution that allows communication and are generally installed at the entrance of a building which makes them a perfect addition to any security system.

Made from stainless steel, our intercom bollards can also be custom made (based on specific requirements) to accommodate our customers’ needs and potentially fit within a range of appliances and devices and can be installed in either sub surface or surface mounted fashions.

The bollard can be operated through a monitor which is attached to the intercom and can grant access to an individual at the press of a button.

Our stainless-steel intercom bollards come in satin or mirror finish, which is aesthetically pleasing on the eye with the bollard not taking up a large amount of space making it a convenient solution for the customer.

Our intercom bollards are not only an effective solution in providing different levels of communication and access control but also in catering and making life easier for a range of customers including those with disabilities.

Our intercom bollards can be positioned at wheelchair friendly locations making them easier to access highlighting that our product is compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act of 2005.

Australian Bollards also recently installed intercom bollards at 271 Spring Street, Melbourne for Probuilds. 
Intercom bollards can be commonly found at high rise office buildings, rental units, multi-storey car parks and universities. 

The team at Australian Bollards are experts when it comes to security and protection as we offer the latest and most secure products in the industry. Quality and service is our philosophy, we always strive to maintain our high standards in security and asset protection and remain Australia’s leading manufacturer for community safety.  

For more information contact our friendly team for any advice on our products on +613 9459 3488 or visit today.

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