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Innocent people’s lives at stake with shopfront crashes

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It is something that can be prevented with a simple solution but it is also something that is happening all too often with cars ploughing through shopfront windows, restaurants or other businesses on a regular basis.

A driver-error accident is not something that the average person thinks about when sitting down at their favourite restaurant with friends or buying bread and milk from the local convenience store. However, in reality, it is something that seriously should be considered due to the frequency of such incidents occurring where lives are often put at risk.

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There are many prevention and protection strategies that businesses can put in place to not only protect their business property but also to protect those who are on their premises – including their employees and customers. Accidents like this can even take the lives of employees and customers who may have been hit or pinned by the vehicles at fault.   

Is your shopfront prepared for potential vehicle-into-building accidents? 

Businesses located along busy roads, main intersections and those with parking spaces directly facing the storefront are most at risk of drivers losing control of their vehicles due to speed or simply mistaking the brake for the accelerator. Pedal error accounts for more than 40 per cent of storefront crashes each year. (Source: The Magazine of Parking Management and Operations)

Effective risk-reduction practices can include installing fixed bollards to protect your shopfront and to prevent pedal error and drivers’ mishaps from impacting your business.

Australian Bollards’ high impact heavy duty bollards are surface mounted with stainless steel anti-theft anchors to ensure maximum collision protection. They can be installed on any concrete surface and will provide 24/7 protection in areas where advanced level of security is required such as shopfronts.

By ensuring that the bollards are placed a suitable width apart to disallow vehicles from driving between them, it is a sure-fire way to protecting your property and those on the premises. By installing such crash-preventing devices helps to restrain slow-moving vehicles from mounting the kerb and crashing into storefronts.      

But what if there is no space to install bollards?

Another way of preventing storefront crashes, particularly if there is limited space between the car space and the shopfront is to install wheel stops. Australian Bollards’ wheel stops are an environmentally friendly and economical solution to identify designated stopping points, preventing vehicles from proceeding further into a parking space and stopping the after-effects of driver pedal-error.

Australian Bollards has installed high impact bollards at St George Bank Queen Street Mall Brisbane and designer bollards at the front of Woolworths Bermagui in an effort to safeguard against cars ploughing through the shop front windows.

By not having any means of protection along a shopfront, you are compromising the safety and even the lives of employees, customers, young children and even those who may simply be walking past. 

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