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If They Can’t See It, They Can’t Steal It

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Two men are wanted for questioning after an armed robber wielding a knife held up a Murray Road service station in Preston on October 23. CCTV vision shows the armed robber escaped with cash and cigarettes around 9:15 PM and appears to have been with another male before entering the service station.

Investigations are still underway, and police are asking the public for information to assist their investigation.

Meanwhile, a staff member at a Mobil service station in Hamilton escaped injury recently after thieves smashed their way inside. Police will obtain CCTV footage of the incident which left the staff member hiding in the back room of the Mobil service station for safety at 2.10 AM. The offenders ripped out the till and cigarette cabinet before driving away.

While armed robberies are unexpected and often dangerous, there are ways popular franchises and small businesses can protect themselves against armed robberies such as this.

Able to fill a room within six seconds, SecureCloak protects 24-hour businesses and their staff from thieves and armed robbers. Activated by an alarm or duress button, staff and business owners are given peace of mind that the security of their staff and their assets are protected during an armed robbery.

Securecloak is equipped with DNA tracking devices which attach themselves to the fibres of thieves’ clothing. This assists police in further identification. They can also be equipped with audio alarms to further confuse thieves, making sure they leave empty-handed and unable to threaten or hurt night staff. Because if they can’t see it, they can’t steal it. 

For more information on how SecureCloak can help your business protect its staff and assets on a 24-hour cycle, contact Australian Bollards on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website today for more information.

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