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How can we secure our inner city?

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The recent installation of 10 removable bollards at a Schiavello construction site on Flinders Lane has ensured that both the development and everyday pedestrians in the area will be protected from vehicle collisions.

This venture by Australian Bollards and Schiavello, a construction and property development company based in Tullamarine, provides premium security from passing traffic and is a welcome sight for Sand Hill Road, the hospitality group behind the project who are looking to expand their dining empire that already consists of the Richmond Club Hotel, the Bridge Hotel and the Prahran Hotel.

The removable, key lockable, high impact bollards are manufactured from stainless steel and finished with a yellow powder coating for increased visibility during the night. Sub-surface mounted with core drilled housing, the AB-WTKL140-Y is an outstanding option for preventing vehicular damage and pedestrian casualties.

The installation of these bollards could not come quickly enough, as the dangers of leaving loading zones of this nature unprotected are very apparent, as they tend to include gantries, overhead structures used for supporting equipment like cranes. Manufactured by organisations like McIvor Contractors and High-rise Gantries, these assemblies are often seen on inner city streets.

An out of control vehicle colliding with a gantry would have the potential to injure pedestrians and employees, damage equipment, machinery and other vehicles and ruin the development prior to completion, resulting in the timely, costly and inconvenient process of beginning again from scratch.

Surrounding assets would be at risk of serious damage and the lasting impact would also be significant; there would be severe traffic disruptions, a negative effect on local traders and potential legal disputes depending on how the vehicle came to collide with the work site.

Loading docks and construction zones aren’t the only instances where Australian Bollards can solve a situation. Tram stops throughout the inner city, particularly those within the free tram zone along thriving Bourke Street and Collins Street, can be extremely hazardous environments due to the sheer volume of commuters in both vehicle and on foot.

The application of bollards similar to those in place at Flinders Lane could be the difference between a pedestrian being hit by a car or merely frightened as the vehicle collides with the bollard. Whether it’s Flinders Street Station, Melbourne Central or Queen Victoria Market, there are always swarms of people at risk in the inner city.

With traffic congestion not appearing to be on the mend any time soon, now is as good a time as any for the installation of protective bollards as a first line of defence around busy tram stops, public transport hubs and other high risk areas in the CBD. 

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