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How Brighton BMW got 360 degree protection?

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Brighton BMW were aware it was probably a good idea to upgrade their security and after a recent visit from Australian Bollards, they have done just that.

Together, we have decided to implement a 360 degree protection solution here, and to have bollards installed in three separate areas.

The first area was the front entrance where six anti ram-raid removable bollards were installed to protect the entrance of the car yard. Being removable, these bollards can be put aside when the road needs to be accessible, and placed back in situations where access needs to be limited.

The second area is the EV charging station, where our bollards protect the unit from possible vehicle impact, as well as the glass building structure behind it, ensuring safety for all centre visitors, workers and the valuable vehicles.

The electronic vehicle charging stations are in growing demand today, as we make a joint effort to use more environmentally friendly solutions. These units are valuable and modern pieces of equipment and need to be protected properly as any damage would lead to high costs for the company.

In order to ensure complete protection from all angles, the third area where our bollards were installed is the BMW workshop area. Here we installed a couple of anti-ram-raid roller shutter door bollards, protecting the rear part of the building.

Besides the Brighton BMW, the Nepean Highway is home to many showrooms like Brighton Chrysler, Audi, Porsche and many others, and we are sure that together we can create a safer environment for all.

By continuing to deliver quality solutions for premium brands, Australian Bollards are constantly broadening their portfolio and enhancing security for Melbourne businesses simultaneously.  

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