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How Australian Bollards could have prevented the tram crash in Kew

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The use of bollards could have protected a residency in Kew after a tram was hit by a car and forced from the tracks, smashing into the home.

The tram derailed when it was struck by a car at around 11:15pm last night, proceeding to slam into the front of the property near High and Childers Street, knocking over the gas meter in the process.

A man sleeping in the home was not harmed but the house has suffered significant damage, while the driver, a 58 year old woman, was initially trapped in her vehicle and later treated for minor injuries in hospital.

Had bollards been installed in front of the affected area, the tram would have collided with the preventative measures and the impact to the house would have been neutralised. Australian Bollards offer a vast range with features including high impact and anti-ram raid capabilities suited to coping with excessive force from fast moving vehicles like trams, cars and other vehicles.

In fact, there are specific bollards tailored to protect gas meters from suffering impairment. The presence of one of these Gas Meter Bollards would certainly have been a handy investment on this occasion.

Residential homes are not the only locations at risk. Cafes, work sites, bars, restaurants and shops are all common in high traffic areas where the likelihood of vehicle collision is strong and as a result, should be secured against potential smashes.

Thankfully, no one was hurt on this occasion. However, this isn’t a risk worth taking and through the installation of premium products from Australian Bollards, there is an ideal preventative solution.

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