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Hit-Run Incident, Turmoil in Melbourne’s City Streets

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The city of Melbourne was left exposed last week after two separate incidents in the CBD resulted in injured pedestrians, damaged street objects and destroyed cars. 

One of the accidents was caused by the driver of a stolen car, with the other accident only being minutes apart in Market Street. However, it was assessed and decided that the two incidents were not linked.

The driver of the stolen car was driving along A’Beckett Street when it hit four parked cars, mounted a curb and knocked down a traffic light. In the process, an innocent homeless man known as Christian Quigley was pinned under the traffic light. 

The driver and passenger of the car then fled on foot, leaving a trail of turmoil behind them. 

In the past few years, the City of Melbourne has placed significant importance on the safety of pedestrians in the city by installing many concrete bollards throughout the city. However, incidents like these pinpoints the vulnerability of city streets. 

With Bourke Street only a short distance from A’Beckett Street, the damage and heartache caused by the 2017 Bourke Street incident should have had an influence over surrounding streets. 

Bollards have been put in place in many areas. However, this was not the case with this incident. 

Australian Bollards takes a soft approach to hard security and has a range of products which may prevent the extent of damage that can be caused by instances like these. VBIED Bollards can be implemented which will prevent hostile vehicle attacks and keep pedestrians safe.


Installations such as the ones seen in the above image at The Age headquarters can heavily reduce damage in these cases. The VBIED Bollards can withstand the force of a hostile vehicle and protect the pedestrians walking on the footpath.

It was recently seen that the City of Melbourne were planning to remove their concrete bollards in place of attractive street furniture. Although this is a good initiative from our city, the plan needs to be more widespread. 

VBIED Bollards should be placed strategically in the Melbourne CBD to protect areas that attain a high level of foot traffic.

Not only do the bollards protect the pedestrians on our streets but they can protect valuable assets. The amount of damage caused, and cost associated with that damage by this incident could have been easily prevented through installation of such bollards. 

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