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Help is just a button away

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Emergency help systems are often limited to particular situations and locations: panic buttons in taxis and banks allow staff to quickly and quietly ask for help, while in trains, passengers can communicate with the train driver through emergency intercoms. Medical alarms are also popular for good reasons, giving the sick and elderly the option to call for help without having to navigate complicated technology.

But you don’t see emergency help systems in the streets, on beaches, in car parks, ATMS or bus stops, although these places could easily be the scene of a crime or an accident.

Australian Bollards is taking steps to change that. Although we usually take a different approach to security, sturdy bollards aren’t all that Melbourne needs.

With the Emergency Help Point Bollard, help is just a button away. This bollard has a built-in intercom that immediately connects you to emergency services who can help you no matter if you are sick, feel threatened, or have been in an accident.

Setting it up is also a breeze. With minimal infrastructure requirements, the bollards can be installed without a fuss in any surroundings. They fit in neatly even in crowded places from sports arenas to parks and gardens.

Three Emergency Help Point Bollards have been installed at the car park and lifts at Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital, creating a safe environment for patients and staff alike.

But Emergency Help Point Bollards isn’t all that Australian Bollards has to offer in terms of emergency help points.

We are also proud to present the Emergency Help Point E-DS that will provide advanced help in all kinds of situations.

The E-DS System can be customised to suit any need and with an IP55 rating, it can be installed anywhere both indoors and outdoors. It would be useful at beaches, tram stations, hotels, hospitals, parks, campuses and just about everywhere else where safety is important.

The E-DS Emergency Help Point features of a 65” 1080p HD screen making it possible to show useful information such as maps, emergency exits, traffic information, weather forecasts, tram delays or anything else you choose.

And at the same time, emergency services can be reached anytime. The intercom system and camera allows you to get in contact with emergency services, while the built-in 4G enables long-distance communication.

Australian Bollards is always looking for more ways to improve security. While bollards can protect against ram-raids, E-DS systems and Emergency Help Point Bollards provide a necessary extra level of protection in our cities to keep Australians safe.

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