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Guard your space with My Space

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Have you ever driven into work only to find out that all the car spots are taken, or your very own private parking spot is occupied?

For some it may be a minor blimp for the day but for others it isn’t the way you want it to start as you simply just want the peace of mind that there is a car spot available for you.

If so, then Australian Bollards has the solution for you with our AB-TLL90-Y or “My Space Bollards.”

Our My Space Bollards are ideal for protecting and preventing unauthorised access to locations like private car spots. You won’t have to worry about someone taking your spot again as well as giving your car the protection it deserves.   

This asset protection product is made from zinc coated mild steel and has a secondary layer of anti-graffiti metallic safety yellow coated powder which adds greater durability to the product and increases its visibility.

Light in weight (7kg), our My Space Bollards are a user-friendly, fully removable security solution that can be easily installed in no time by yourself or by one of our highly qualified team members.

The AB-TLL90-Y not only can be utilised at car parks but other locations as well such as caravan parks, garages or driveways.

It is a simple and convenient method that can prevent so much hassle giving you the peace of mind you wish for.

The AB-FD-150KL-Y is another product Australian Bollards that excels in public security and asset protection.

These “Fold down bollards” are surface mounted and can be positioned in an upright or horizontal fashion to the ground. Being a key lockable bollard, the AB-FD-150KL-Y provides the ultimate asset protection for the owner who alone has the access to the bollard.

Also in our range of key and pad lockable bollards are our AB-CDKL90-Y and the AB-CDPL90-Y. These two products are also solutions that not only prevent would-be thieves attempting break-ins but also but deter them from the outset of prying away your valuables or property like sports cars or equipment in a warehouse.

No car park is complete without speed bumps and wheels stops which makes the AB-WS-1650 Wheel Stop perfect for the job.

Constructed from recycled rubber, the AB-WS-1650 compliments the AB-TLL-90-Y and is able to withstand not only physical but environmental challenges such UV light, moisture or extreme temperatures.

All of Australian Bollards' range of wheel stops comply with the current Australian Road Safety Standards 2890.1 which were formed in 2004 and the AB-WS-1650 is no exception.

Combining these products at one location will provide you with the ultimate level of protection and access control, making Australian Bollards the front runner when it comes to parking requirements. 

With a range of bollards and other items in stock, the team at Australian Bollards will be sure to provide the right product that will cater to our customers’ needs and requirements.  

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