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Green, Mean Protection at the MCG

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Melbourne’s sporting lifestyle means that every weekend, die-hard fans congregate at the MCG or other such venues to watch their club battle it out with the opposition.

The congregation of these die-hard fans has significant consequences in terms of the accumulation of plastic rubbish and food waste.

Luckily, the MCG have come up with a plan to curb the problem. All plastic and food waste which is left at the MCG will be collected, recycled and turned into protective bollards.

The MCG has a plan to produce as many of these bollards as they can to eventually replace the current wooden, rotting bollards which are meant to be protecting patrons.

You may think this is a slow process. However, along with the accumulation of recyclables such as plastic and left-over food packaging, the clippings of grass from the MCG are also being used in the manufacturing process of the bollards.

The initiative from the managers of the MCG is fantastic, taking what is a negative and turning into a positive in public security. Australian Bollards is a die-hard fan of taking a soft approach to hard security and value the decision taken by the MCG.

However, we look further into what can be done to protect patrons in these areas and the options are outstanding. From statues like the Don Bradman and Nicky Winmar statues to street furniture and designer bollards, the MCG can be protected by a range of aesthetically pleasing options.

VBIED Vanguard Bollards such as the artist’s impression above can provide adequate and aesthetically pleasing options to protecting sporting fans.

Not only do the bollards provide for public safety and protection, but they can allow for seating, lighting and reduce congestion in heavy foot traffic areas.

The spherical bollards weigh 1.5Ton and will protect against dangers such as hostile vehicle attacks. However, due to their soft approach design the bollards do not make patrons feel as though they are in danger.

As well as being an avid supporter of taking a soft approach to hard security, Australian Bollards aims to be environmentally friendly in their production of products.

The production facilities of Australian Bollards are run completely off renewable energy sources. Australian Bollards is a big supporter of safety, which is inclusive of the safety of our planet.

Along with our renewable energy production facilities, we have been active in introducing sustainable products into our product range. For example, our range of wheel stops and speed humps are made completely of environmentally friendly, recyclable rubber.

It is an honour to see significant icons of our country such as the MCG not only protecting patrons but doing it in a sustainable way for our future. We would be excited to take on more challenges in the field of being environmentally friendly and sustainable.

If you are interested in any of our soft approach to hard security or environmentally friendly measures, do not hesitate to contact us on 9459 3488 or look at our website.

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