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Great Victorian Bike Racks

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The Great Victorian Bike Ride is coming up at the end of November, bringing cyclists from around the country together as they ride through the state. It’s a great opportunity for both newcomers and veterans to get involved in the cycling community.

Cycling lets you get your daily exercise during the commute to work while also reducing traffic congestion and pollution. Even if riding to work isn’t an option, cycling makes a great weekend hobby.

Whether you’re riding for fun or transportation, it’s important to have a secure place to leave your bike in public. Pop-Up Bike Shelters are key-lockable, and each unit provides secure storage space on the street. They can be set up temporarily to host an event and we offer customisation for both temporary and permanent installations.

For areas where space is at a premium, Australian Bollards offers the NK-2000 Ned Kelly Bike Rack, which uses vertical storage to make the most of your floorspace. It can be mounted on existing walls or have a custom-built frame installed.

To complement our bike storage solutions, we also offer a bike repair station. It comes with an air pump, standard repair tools, and a frame to support your bike. If you want to bring in the serious cyclists, this is the installation for you.

Getting the Ned Kelly Bike Racks range of products will show your support for the cycling community and encourage your tenants or employees to ride more often. For more information, visit our website or call +613 9459 3488 today.

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