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Grand solutions for the Metro Tunnel project

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Melbourne’s CBD public transport system is undergoing a huge overhaul which will alleviate congestion in areas where it is needed the most.

The Metro Tunnel project will make Melbourne’s stations and crossings safer, more visually appealing, and more convenient for commuters.  

Australian Handrails is poised to provide solutions that are going to improve the experience and aesthetic for commuters ranging from handrails to perforated panels.

Perforated panels are a visually appealing fencing solution made from premium powder coated aluminium. They have become increasingly popular at sporting stadiums, entertainment precincts and train stations due to their functionality as well as the aesthetic statement they make.

Perforated panels can create the perfect backdrop to our handrail solutions. Together, perforated panels and our many handrail solutions can combine to create look which Melbournians would be happy to be surrounded by.

Another one of Australian Handrails’ important innovations that can be introduced is the Metro Platform Guard. This product solves a major safety concern by decreasing the size of the gap between a train platform and a train.

Our company is determined to not allow train platforms gaps to be greater than 125mm, which almost all Australian platforms exceed.

The rubber prongs of the Metro Platform Guard will dramatically decrease the gap, solving this safety concern. They are customised to fit the size of each individual platform, as they are all slightly different. The rubber of the Metro Platform Guide can move if hit by a train while remaining solid underfoot, so it’s the perfect solution to decrease the risk of the gap between platform and train.

Having contributed to seven former Metro Trains Melbourne projects with a range of products, Australian Handrails is pleased to assist once again with the aesthetics and safety of Melbourne’s railway stations.

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