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Australian Bike Share, a division of NJM Group, is proud to present a new and innovative app based bike sharing system that offers geo fence parking, fleet control, and keyless locking.

There are two components to the system: Our innovative NJM lock and an app.

The NJM Lock features a built-in GPS and Bluetooth. It is hard mounted onato each bike in the bike sharing system. The locks communicate a range of important information to the app, such as location, travel history and tamper warnings. This is useful for the administrator who can keep track of his fleet at all times, locate and fix repairs, add or block users and generally create high customer service.

This bike sharing system solves the problems traditional bike sharing systems face, such as lost bikes and illegal parking. It is the perfect solution for a range of organisations and communities that want all the benefits of bike sharing.

Universities are one of those organisations that could greatly benefit from our system.  

Students often need to travel far every day between campuses. What better way than to use a bicycle? All a student would need to do to use a bike would be to download the app, sign in with their student ID or university e-mail and park the bike in a designated geo fence to end the ride. This ensures that bikes are always available in the right places, and that they are not parked illegally.

If a user tries to park outside the geo fence, the app would guide him to the nearest designated area.   
And if someone doesn’t respect the geo fence? The administrator can block him in no time.

Bike sharing isn’t just useful as a means of transportation. It’s also a great way to incentivise a healthy lifestyle. Bicycling offers many benefits to physical and mental well-being, especially for students. Numerous studies show the link between psychical exercise and effective learning, connecting aerobic exercise with increased attention span and improved memory. 

The app offers statistics such as distance travelled and calories burned for students to keep track of their health. They can even check out their reduced carbon footprint.

Our bike sharing system is the perfect solution to easy transportation. It offers an innovative alternative to traditional bike sharing with total fleet control, geo fencing, keyless locking and many other useful features.

If you would like to know more and find out how you can use the NJM lock system in your organisation, our customer service team would be happy to hear from you.  

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