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Flood protection more important than ever

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Severe flooding that has plagued Tasmania over the past week has left over one hundred homes and businesses affected by the water damage.

Since Sunday, the SES has recorded 400 requests for help after record breaking rainfall wreaked havoc in regions including Launceston and Latrobe, with three people dead and another four still missing as eight rivers remain in flood.

The impact on locals has been devastating, with houses damaged, businesses unable to trade and farmers losing livestock, while the state’s esteemed national park sector has also been hit hard.

The Park and Wildlife Service have begun inspecting various locations and have closed popular attractions including both Mole Creek caves, Marakoopa Cave, Liffey Falls and Cradle Mountain.

Along with the impact on cattle farmers, this presents a major problem for Tasmania, whose tourist industry is built upon its pristine national parks and outstanding local produce. Already, the State Government has predicted the bill will exceed $100 million.

It isn’t just the cost that is an issue. Although the weather has eased, it will be a considerable amount of time before many of the affected buildings can begin adequate repairs, while people with inhabitable homes will be misplaced for the time being.

Tasmania wasn’t the only state in the country to suffer from flooding this week. New South Wales copped the brunt of storms on Sunday evening, an occurrence which resulted in three motorist deaths and severe coastal damage to beaches in Cronulla, Collaroy and Coogee.

It is hard to predict when disasters like this will take place but there is a way to ensure that if it does transpire, you can be adequately protected. Flood Proof Fencing from Australian Bollards is the premium option for protecting property, assets and most importantly, people.

Capable of significantly reducing damage to the area under its protection, this product is comprised of a barrier manufactured from heavy duty, non-woven Polypropylene and hot dipped, galvanised steel wire, which can then be filled with ordinary, cost effective materials including sand, mulch or stones.

One of the most exceptional features of Flood Proof Fencing is time efficiency. With the ability to be deployed within 60 seconds, this unit is ideal for quickly evolving situations and as it is stored in a compressed form, can be easily housed in a standard garage or shed.

Another impressive aspect is the product’s versatility. Not limited to one specific application, this fencing can be utilised by government entities, corporate organisations, local businesses and private property owners as means of increasing safety.

With the capacity to extend beyond 300 metres, it can protect anything from a small house to the outskirts of a heavily populated area, and is typically available in dimensions of 2.21 x 2.13 metres with the option to customise.

Timely, durable and convenient while providing premium strength, Flood Proof Fencing from Australian Bollards is the ultimate multi-purpose solution for flood water protection and security. 

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