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Flexible Bollards pass another test

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Despite being on the receiving end of a vehicular collision, the Flexible Bollard at Wilson Parking’s Little Collins Street location remains a prime example of the strength and durability of the product from Australian Bollards.

Installed for the purpose of defending a Skidata Paystation, the bollard in question obtained a few scratches but managed to endure the full brunt of a car with ease, ensuring that surrounding assets were adequately protected.

A model of functionality, the Flexible Bollard is purpose built to withstand collisions by bending on impact, which not only protects assets but reduces damage to the vehicle by serving as a warning to the driver that they have hit something.

As impressive as this latest display of quality is, it is not the only scenario where these kinds of products can be applied. Suitable for warehouses and traffic management situations, the flexible range from Australian Bollards is a versatile and reliable safety solution.

The implementation of 50 millimetre Stainless Steel Flexible Bollards in front of an escalator at Melbourne Airport in Tullamarine is another example of tailored application.

The preventative measures ensure that trolleys and heavy bags cannot compromise the escalator as well as deterring from passengers from attempting to carry this kind of luggage whilst using the escalator; both of which help to alleviate pedestrian traffic within the airport.

These same stainless steel bollards are also utilised in supermarkets, specifically for housing Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) antennas, the devices that identify when an item has been shoplifted at major stores including Woolworths, Coles and Aldi.

Australian Bollards aren’t limited to steel units either. The Flexible ‘Rubber’ Bollards, manufactured using an innovative elastomeric material, is perfectly suited for use in warehouses due to the fact that they are not only protecting assets and staff but reducing vehicle damage.

This is particularly pertinent in factory environments where all three of these aspects are typically the responsibility of the company based in the warehouse. In the event of an incident, this situation would require a multi-resolution safety strategy, one that is readily available thanks to the Flexible Rubber Bollard.

Flexible bollards can also be utilised in traffic situations beyond parking lots. By fixing a series of these bollards in a partition area on a highway, cars are secured against colliding with one another while limiting damage to the vehicle itself.

Furthermore, the flexible nature of the unit means that a vehicle can come into contact with the bollard, ensuring the driver (who may be distracted or asleep at the wheel) will be aware of the collision without copping the impact that would result from smashing into a steel equivalent.

It could be safeguarding pedestrians, preventing road accidents or protecting assets. Any way you slice it, the flexible product range from Australian Bollards passes with flying colours.

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