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Fiery uncontrolled van mounts Shanghai curb

by: NJM Group on

A van which mounted a curb leaving 17 people in hospital last Friday goes to show how easily accidents can happen. 

Reports say the driver accidently set the vehicle on fire from smoking, which resulted in him losing control of the van.

After mounting the curb, the vehicle ran through a crowd of people before crashing into a café front.

The accident which occurred in Shanghai came during the festive season as Chinese New Year is approaching with many people on the street.

We have seen accidents like this happen many times in the past causing serious human injury and death as well as asset loss.

It may be a sleepy driver or just mistaking the accelerator for the brake which was the cause of this accident which happened at an animal hospital last year.

These accidents or intentional attacks can happen without a moment notice, which is why protection is needed on our city streets.

People should be able to walk around the streets without being worried that an uncontrolled vehicle could mount the curb and cause chaos.

At the same time, we don’t want to be constantly reminded by this threat, which is why we need solutions which seamlessly blend into its surroundings.

Whether it is VBIED planters, a VanGuard illuminated bollard, or a Tennis Ball Spalding Bollard, PAS 68 rated protection can be achieved with a soft approach to hard security.

To find out more about streetscape solutions, contact the customer service team on 9459 3488. 

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