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Excavator Used to Ram-Raid Bendigo Bank

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Two thieves shattered the front wall of a Bendigo Bank in country Victoria recently. Within minutes, they had gotten away with an unknown amount of cash, left a huge mess and a small town without an ATM.

CCTV vision shows the pair arriving at the main street branch in Tongala at around 3 AM to demolish windows and door frames at the branch’s entrance.

A spate of recent robberies in the area have caused alarm around Shepparton and the local community of Tongala, which now claims the only ATM in town has been ripped out. 

Police say the pair managed to steal several cash boxes before activating an alarm inside the bank to then leave in a white FWD ute.

Disruptions like this are common once burglars have found and exploited a business’s security flaws. That’s why NJM Group has specially designed SecureCloak to instantly fill an entire bank, store, house or factory with non-toxic smoke.

Accompanied with an audible alarm, SecureCloak temporarily blinds and confuses burglars once an alarm has been tripped. It can be attached to doors and windows around premises or activated through a duress button.

Unique DNA strands attach themselves to the fibres in thieves’ clothes to provide police with concrete evidence for criminal identification. SecureCloak is quickly becoming the benchmark security solution for businesses, schools and banks around Australia.  

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