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Enhancing modern architecture with project perforation

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NJM Group has recently been working on the Bentleigh Station project, successfully installing our perforated aluminium sheets at various station locations, as well as our stanchions and handrails.

This project, along with the Level Crossing Removal project will improve general safety of the station, along with added architecturally modern and practical solutions.

It is exactly the large scale commercial perforation projects that are our specialty, especially having in mind our impressive railway portfolio, as we provide provided practical, customizable solutions to our clients, perfectly suited for their needs.

We are involved in the perforation process from the birth of aluminium to final installation of the product, and have established ourselves on the market as a reliable and trustworthy partner ready to complete any type of large perforation projects.

About the project

The Bentleigh station is an important, multi-million renovation project by Metro Trains Melbourne. We partnered with largest engineering companies like John Holland in order to increase overall safety and functionality of the station and to provide a more pleasant and efficient commuter’s experience. The station itself is a part of the State Government’s Level Crossing Removal project, a long term endeavour with a final target of 50 stations by 2022.

The goal of this project is to remove 50 dangerous and congested level crossings and help improve the way people travel, work and live. Australian Handrails is ready to support it with our extensive experience and knowledge.

Advantages of using perforated sheets

Perforated materials are a proven and reliable way of covering, enclosing, dividing, decorating or ventilating a space.

Aluminium perforated sheets are light, with proven anti-corrosion characteristics and they can last long, more than 50 years.

We customize each order based on requirements, so there are no strict types or sizes. However, there are many different elements contained within a single piece of perforated metal. Whilst they may sound relatively minor on their own, collectively they are integral to the appearance and functionality of the perforation.

The open area of the perforated material is the percentage of the sheet that is constituted of holes while the patterns available are endless, with the choice of basic shapes (circles and squares), slotted (elongated holes), diamond club and flanged (raised hole) just to name a few.

The perforated sheets used in this project vary in specifications, as we have installed sheets from 3mm to 4 mm, with hole sizes from 3,25mm to 6,35mm. The open areas of our sheets also vary, from 10% to 51%.

Application examples

Quality and dedication is the key to our success. We use the best material to deliver durable products, like 5005-H34 Australian grade aluminium. Our aluminium sheets have been applied at different parts of the Bentleigh station:

  • Ramps
  • Stairs
  • Platform Screens
  • Canopy infills
  • Gates

Ramps have the purpose of improving general safety of the venue. They help with regulating pedestrian traffic, ease accessibility and raise functionality. Our perforated aluminium sheets have a powder coated finish and have been coloured in two shades: the Dulex Duratec Zeus black and Dulex Duratec Zeus Lunar grey.

Such ramps can be installed at other locations, like hospitals, where they could help in easier patient and visitor movements both inside and outside the building.

Stairs are one of the most important parts of every location with high number of people. The sheets we used here are powder coated in black, adding an architecturally pleasing touch to the overall look of the station and enhancing ease of access and passage for all the station users.

This type of stairs would suit locations like shopping malls, sport centres, office buildings, cinemas and similar.

Platform Screens

We take our pride in our colourful and stunning platform screens which have been powder coated in three colours: Terra Cotta, Saffron and Rock Melon. The combination of these three colours side by side adds character and charm to the station, besides providing protection for all the passengers, whether they are coming to the platform or leaving it.

These light screens are an innovative solution to draw attention to building entrances, hotels stairs and can be a part of interior decoration. They would also architecturally enhance any modern restaurant, provide sun shade and give a high-tech vibe.

Canopy Infills are powder coated in graphite grey, as shown in the photo below:

Similar kind of application can be implemented in other transport hubs, like bus stops. Another application is indoor roof in areas like commercial offices, high rise buildings, airports and similar.

Additional applications

According to the Industrial Perforators Association, perforated materials have a lot of useful and practical applications in today’s industrial, office and living space. Their main practical application is in the area of passage control, as they are able to control the flow of air, gasses, liquids, light, sound and similar. They can also minimize weight and absorb sound.

Besides the practical side of perforated materials, they can have various architectural designs and raise visual interest. Being both practical and eye-catching, they can be seen in ceilings, floors, stairways, grills, dividers and acoustical surfaces.

They are very useful, practical and convenient solution for hospitals, shopping malls, office buildings, cinemas, educational institutions, airports, concert halls, as well as metro stations, as we have seen from the above.

In sunny and warm environments, perforated sheets can provide a modern and durable solution for sun and direct heat protection. Providing both the decorative and the practical function, they have a double usage here as they will shield from sun, as well as minimize sound.

Australian Handrails is ready to provide all additional information and to deliver products of highest quality for all your large scale perforation projects.

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