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Energy Absorbing Bollards - Protecting Tomorrows Future, Today

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Construction sites can be a hazardous location and as such they need to be appropriately protected.  

With work on the Metro Tunnel being undertaken between Elizabeth Street and Swanston Street in Melbourne’s CBD, the city is now busier than ever with traffic moving east bound being diverted to other roads to help keep the construction site a safe working zone.

At Australian Bollards we can assist in making construction sites a safer location and keep pedestrians from harms way with our “Bollard and Partition Safety Screens” in the AB-EAB.     

Safe, effective and functional in a short amount of time, these “energy absorbing bollards” are the perfect solution to separate work zones from the community while keeping workers and pedestrian’s safe during construction at all times.

The AB-EAB is made from either mild steel (165mm diameter) or stainless steel (168mm diameter), and is one metre in height (above ground). It is also capable of stopping a 1.6 tonne vehicle travelling up to 60 kilometres an hour, complying with the most up to date AS/NZS 3845 standards for road safety barriers.

By coming in a yellow powder coated finish, this not only makes the bollard more visible and presents an aesthetically pleasing look, but it also makes them stronger and more durable under a range of environmental conditions like rain and extreme heat. 

When combined with our partition screens; that are over two metres high and almost two metres wide, together they provide a greater range of protection for pedestrians and workers on Melbourne’s busy streets.

Not only are they quick and easy to install, but when the situation is required, the AB-EAB can be removed in a short amount of time highlighting its flexibility and convenience for the customers    

As well as construction sites, our AB-EAB and Partition Screens can be used at other areas within the CBD like train stations or tram and bus stops. They can also seal off a variety of locations like walkways or side streets and be used to guide traffic.    

The AB-EAB can also be equipped with our AB-FD-300; a solar powered LED speed hump, which will help increase the visibility of the construction site and its surroundings for workers, pedestrians and drivers alike.

Another product that can keep pedestrians safe around construction sites and inner city traffic are our AB-150-80-50KM-Ys, which are more commonly known as High Impact Trident Bollards. 

Our Trident Bollards are able to provide premium protection for pedestrians, vehicles and locations all over the city but are best utilised in protecting overhead gantries found within construction zones and loading docks from reckless drivers.

Manufactured from steel with a yellow powder coated finish, our Trident Bollards are subsurface mounted with a core drilled housing and are capable of stopping vehicles weighing up to 1650 kilograms and travelling speeds of 50 kilometres an hour.

The team at Australian Bollards can supply the product for client installation or we can supply and install it at their convenience.

For more information on our range of products and services, please contact us today on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website.

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