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ED-S: Our screens versus the rest

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The recent installation of our EDS-42 display screens at Etihad Stadium raised an interesting question: How do our ED-S units compare to the rest of the market? To assess this, we had a look at the different elements that constitute a decent device.


There’s no point buying something if it’s not capable of going the distance. Some EDS’s can function beautifully but may succumb to poor weather or external damage, while there are others that are so visibly flimsy that is seems only a matter of time before they collapse.

This is far from the case with the EDS range from Australian Bollards, with the outdoor range equipped with an IP rating of either 55 or 65 – both of which are fully capable of defending the machine against inclement conditions. 


Not all electronic display systems are born equal. While they may appear to transmit similar kinds of messages on the surface, there is a distinct difference between those can only produce a static image and their superior, video generating counterparts.

The AB versions of this device are in the latter category, with the capacity to be linked directly to any computer system that the customer desires. Consequently, any function performed on the computer will be displayed on the ED-S screen, allowing the consumer enormous versatility.

Display Screen

The screen of an ED-S is hugely important. It is vital that consumers are issued crisp, vibrant images to enhance visibility. Our units offer all this and more, with superb Nano touch screens available in 32, 42 or 55 inch models.

This touch screen technology is highly advantageous for both the operator of these device and the customers using them, as it increases interaction and offers a more simplistic manner of navigating a parking lot.  

Track Record

Its common sense; you don’t purchase any kind of system unless you’ve seen it in action before. In order to get the best possible result, you need to get your hands on something that has proven its worth.

With current installations at iconic Melbourne venues Crown Casino and Etihad Stadium, there is little doubt that the Australian Bollards’ ED-S range are getting the job done.

The choice is simple

There are plenty of options on the electronic display system market but why waste time comparing other products when Australian Bollards can deliver a secure, convenient and unparalleled solution.

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