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EAB - Keeping Australia Safe

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Australian Bollards Roadside Services and Saferoads Division is the sole distributors of the Energy Absorbing Bollard (EAB) and is committed to providing products of high quality for its customers. 

As we are focused on exceeding our customers’ expectations, we strive to ensure excellent service with continuous improvement.

The EAB serves as a barrier that helps prevent unwanted vehicles from entering an area, protecting vehicle operators and those around them. 

Not only does this cost effective alternative provide work zone and asset protection, but our EAB also keeps pedestrians, and outdoor dining areas safe. They are also installed at 'Super Tram Stop' islands in congested inner-city and are perfect for limited space application. 

The features of the EAB are highly promising, as they have been designed for areas experiencing high foot traffic to safeguard individuals from hostile vehicles.

As the EAB is engineered to save lives, this product is structurally designed to ensure minimal impact for both the driver and vehicle. 

Used to protect people and assets in highly populated areas, and those around them, the EAB is designed to absorb the impact of kinetic energy, safely decelerating the vehicle to a steady and controlled stop.

As the EAB can stop up to a 1.7 tonne vehicle travelling up to 70 kph, this allows the risk of injury or fatality of the driver and those around them to be minimised. 

The AB-EAB is compliant with Road Safety Barrier Systems and Device Standards in the AS/NZS 3845:1999 and is also filled with VVH Grade Polystyrene foam which increases its shock absorbing capabilities, making it compliant with AS/NZS 1698:2006.      

Our bollards are also used in places such as bus stops, child care centres, school crossings, parking lots and shopping centres where there is significant vehicle and pedestrian activity.

For more information on our EAB range, contact us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website. 

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