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Dramatic Restaurant Crash Interrupts Business

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Bollards can protect you from interrupted business, property damage and dramatic unexpected tragedy. In the U.S., a car has caused a gas leak by crashing into three other motorists and an unprotected building wall.

A woman lost control of her vehicle, clipped two other motorists and slammed into the wall of the Five Guys Burger restaurant in Dover, New Hampshire.

Gas leaked throughout the shopping plaza, with emergency services closing off the area and disrupting business to prevent any further destruction.

This crash could have caused explosive damage to the whole building and the people inside.

Emergency services believe the motorist may have suffered a medical issue, something that can affect anyone on the road - and any surrounding buildings.

Five Guys Burger had its gas main behind the wall facing the road, with no safeguard for the building’s most flammable part.

These tragedies can be avoided with solutions like Australian Bollards’ high impact bollards.

Australian Bollards recently protected waste management company Remondis’ gas reserves, surrounding a large gas tank with its quality yellow AB-HSM168-Y high impact bollards. See our blog post for more on what our simple and sophisticated solutions can do for local business.

High impact bollards are visible day and night, and are a common sight in the high risk areas of workplaces. With 360-degree performance, they can stop a speeding passenger vehicle or VBIED attack from any direction and protect your assets.

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