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Double ram-raid in south-east

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Yet another ram-raid occurred in Melbourne few weeks ago, with a trio of thieves stealing an ATM machine from the Peninsula Home shopping centre.

Before the attack took place, they stole two four-wheel drives with the intention of performing the robbery later. As the CCTV footage showed, they used the stolen vehicles to crash through the door of the shopping centre and then loaded the ATM onto a Nissan Patrol, causing damage worth around $15,000.

However, Mornington isn’t the only outer south-eastern suburb to be affected in recent times. There was a second raid earlier this week, where four men were responsible for an attack on Frankston Power Centre in a failed effort to extract an ATM from the store.

The perpetrators broke in via the food court entrance using a stolen four wheel drive and crashed into the ATM but left the scene empty handed after security arrived, causing the would-be burglars to flee.

These kind of crimes cause a large amount of material damage but with the right safety equipment, can be prevented.

The Anti-Ram Raid range from Australian Bollards is the proven and efficient way to protect property, whether it is a shopping centre, commercial venue, bank, office building or a warehouse. They are high impact, energy absorbing bollards and can combat any attempts of vehicles accessing the building entrance.

Besides protecting the property and the people inside, these bollards serve as an excellent deterrent to ram raiders in general. 

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