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Disrupting the bollard industry with the Spalding Bollard

by: NJM Group Marketing on

The word ‘disrupt’ has been heard in just about every second sentence in tech marketing in recent years, and while it is a little gimmicky, it does have a powerful meaning. 

To disrupt is to not just walk the same path as everyone else but to venture out and challenge the status quo.

And we believe something as ‘mundane’ as the bollard industry can be ‘disrupted’ with forward thinking design.

When most people think bollards, they think a boring metal pole which sticks out of the ground, which for the most part is ok because it is doing a job and looking good is not a top priority.

But when bollards are installed in front of architectural masterpieces and iconic Australian buildings, the look of a bollard becomes a lot more important.

This is why we launched the soft approach to hard security range, showing a high level of protection can come with a nice complexion.

And now we want to take it a step further, embracing Australia’s massive sporting culture to bring sports-themed bollards.

Made from granite and blue stone, these bollards would enhance the prestigious look of Melbourne’s sporting precinct.

But just because so much attention has been put into the look of the bollard doesn’t mean it compromises on protection.

The proprietary design which includes Australian engineered steel inserts, ensures the bollards are rated for VBIED protection.

The VBIED Spalding Bollard is our tennis ball shaped bollard. The groove in the ball will be a green illumination which will add to its presence at night.

These designs disrupt the status quo thought of finding a protective solution which doesn’t detract from the look of a streetscape so much to; providing a solution which adds protection while enhancing the look of the space.

As kids walk toward the MCG, their excitement for the game will begin from the street as they see the football bollard much like when you hear the siren as you walk towards the stadium.

And the VBIED Spalding bollards can be a great photo opportunity spot for the group of friends going to the Australian Open.

These bollards can change the experience of sports goers in Melbourne to a much greater degree than giving them peace of mind. 

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