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Directing the Flow, Pedestrians and Protection.

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Voting 2019

With the Federal election coming up on Saturday the 18th of May, everyone is busy figuring out where they are to vote and how many people they’ll have to stand with to get the voting done. With over 16,000,000 people lining up to vote, time and effort will ultimately need to be put into organising and structuring polling areas. One effective way to assist in this is the introduction of temporary T-top Hi-Vis Orange PVC bollards to structure pedestrians into neat and flowing lines. These T-Top Hi-Vis Orange PVC bollards can be used as non-permanent crowd control barriers or signage posts. Crowd control bollards can not only be effective for the upcoming election but in many other circumstances.

Pedestrian bollards

One example of this is crowd control for major sporting stadiums. Have you ever gone to an AFL game and had to wait in a group to get through the gates? Well, a way to assist this is the introduction of permanent or non-permanent delineation bollards. These bollards can be strategically placed to assist in the flow of foot traffic leading in and around the stadium.

Centurion Sliding Bollard

The Centurion Shallow & Surface Mounted HVM PAS 68 IWS-14 Sliding Bollard System is also a very reliable solution for confronting pedestrian foot traffic, as it can also be used as protection for the public from Vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED) attacks. While also being automated to allow the entrance of first responding vehicles in the event of an emergency.

These bollards can also be deployed at a moment’s notice for a whole range of events. Another range of bollards that can help in assisting crowd control includes the Australian Bollards, Event Bollards. Event Bollards can also be deployed for different events, such as celebrations, parties, markets and seasonal events.

Pedestrian Bollards

So, with the upcoming election and the ever-present events on our calendars, Crowd control and pedestrian protection should be on the mind of all event organisers, and council advisers and Australian Bollards can be there to assist.

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