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DFO South Wharf Installs Top Class Protection

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South Wharf direct factory outlet has taken the necessary steps in protecting their shoppers and visitors. Shopping centres are hot-spots and social hubs, meaning that at times there is high foot traffic.

Australian Bollards is an industry leader when it comes to security and protection and were trusted by South Wharf DFO to install our high quality, stainless steel VBIED bollards.

Luckily, the Management of South Wharf DFO have prioritised the safety of their visitors by taking certain precautionary measures.

How exactly have they done this? The installation of designer VBIED bollards in areas of the South Wharf DFO act as barriers against hostile vehicle attacks or even accidental incidents.

These bollards are placed in areas with high foot traffic to prevent drivers from attempting to drive through the area or from accidentally driving through the area. This initiative makes it safer for pedestrians to walk and shop in such areas.

The bollards are designed to be resistant against ram-raids and are guaranteed to protect against any vehicle attacks.  

The implementation of these installations should not stop at South Wharf DFO. Australian Bollards has recently worked with Chadstone Shopping Centre, North Blackburn Shopping Centre and many more. However, many centres still require adequate protection.

Having a more widespread application of such bollards installed around shopping centres will reduce the amount of ram-raids, hit-runs and run-down pedestrians in Australian hot-spots.

Although the bollards provide for hard security, they do not lack any elegance or class in terms of aesthetics. The slanted face design allows for an aesthetically pleasing design.

Australian Bollards focuses on a Soft Approach to Hard Security and is excited to be able to install many of these designer bollards around Australian shopping centres.

Along with the Australian Bollards options shown above, there is a range of different options which can provide for different aesthetics in certain areas. If design is an area of concern, then look no further than Australian Bollards.

There are numerous alternatives when it comes to protecting Australians. Some of these alternatives include the bollards installed at South Wharf DFO; others such as the VBIED Vanguard Bollards installed at Chadstone Shopping centre are a great way to maintain aesthetics while keeping public safety a priority.

If you are interested in our industry leading security measures, feel free to contact us on 9459 3488.

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