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Designer Edge Bollard – A Securer Alternative

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Here at Australian Bollards, we are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our customers while providing quality services that exceed our client expectations. 

If you are looking to add extra security around their premises, then The Architectural Designer Edge Bollard is the perfect solution.

Not only does this stylish product have a sophisticated finish, but its unique design adds safety to your premises.

Known as the Designer Edge Bollard, specifically, the AB-DB-S; this bollard features a slanted triangle top, with a stainless-steel finish. 

The surface mounted product holds a height of 1050mm above ground and 150mm within-ground.

As the popularity of this product is increasing, the architecturally designed bollard helps provide edge to protection security, along with each product providing an engineer fabricated custom designed solution based on your specific requirements. 

Like the designer bollards that are installed at the front of Eastland Shopping Centre, located in Ringwood, Australian Bollards provides a range of designer bollards that provide a similar type of security.

Other products in this range include the Designed Curved Bollard and the Anti Ram Raid Removable Key Lockable Bollard.

Just like the one installed at Bermagui Woolworths in Sapphire Coast, NSW, the Anti Ram Raid Removable Key Lockable AB-DB100-S Bollard holds a highly advanced curved surface mount design that is unique, with a stainless-steel finish.

This product offers a safer alternative to help reduce serious injury and help save lives, when subject to sudden collision forces at a range of speeds. 

Both the AB-DB140-S and the AB-DB165-S Designed Curved Bollard are surface mounted with a stainless steel sleeve that provides similar protection to the Anti Ram Raid Removable Key Lockable Bollard. 

For more information on the Designer Edge Bollard’s, call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website for more information.

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