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Defence against VBIED to safeguard people and property

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Vehicle-borne Improvised Explosive Devices or ‘car bombs’ as they are more commonly known have the potential to destroy buildings and structures as well as impact the lives of innocent people who may be nearby. This type of threat can pose a complex security challenge as they can be hard to detect.

Having necessary measures in place such as high impact energy absorbing bollards can help prevent and deter such attacks. Our sub-surface mounted bollards are suitable for use in high risk areas such as shopping centres, banks, cafes, warehouses and public transport stops. The benefits of a sub-surface mounted bollard is that it is concreted into the ground for added strength and security.

With our proprietary solution, this added protection ensures vehicles, even those travelling at high speeds cannot get through buildings to detonate a VBIED.

At Epping Plaza, NJM Group – Australian Bollards installed 59 stainless steel VBIED bollards at the shopping centre entrance to prevent any danger to people who may be inside the shopping centre or surrounding areas, as well as to prevent any structural damage in the event of an intentional vehicle collision.

Our AB-BB140-S Bank Bollards are also an effective way to prevent ram raid attacks, these security bollards are installed at Bank of Melbourne, Collins Street & St George Bank, Queen Street Mall to protect against ram raids. This type of bollard is specifically designed to provide maximum anchorage capability and resistance whilst providing maximum high impact, shock absorbing and energy absorbing capabilities.

Our anti-ram raid bollard range is also available in removable key lockable and pad lockable bollard options to accommodate varied daily access requirements. They can be used to protect a variety of sites such as wash bays, car parks, high voltage transformers and other utility appliances. Australian Bollards can customise a high security bollard to defend against VBIED to suit your specific application.

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