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Darwin get the ball rolling with Vanguard Bollards

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The Darwin Local Court, with the help of Australian Bollards have revealed their visually appealing set of spherical granite bollards.

In being a high foot traffic area, the Darwin Government have taken the precautionary initiative to install the bollards and prevent any potential dangers such as hostile vehicle attacks or accidental incidents.

Australian Bollards is a significant advocate of protecting Australian’s and were excited to be able to provide the VBIED Bollard solution.

The 800mm spheres provide for a range of functionality and security options. The bollards weigh 1.5ton and have proprietary security inserts within them acting as barriers against VBIED attacks.

Along with their high level of security, the bollards have a significant focus on aesthetics. The bollards look sleek and elegant and allow for the landscape of an area to be modernised.

These bollards can also provide other functionality elements such as seating and lighting as seen with the LED Vanguard Bollards below.

Australian Bollards has a strong focus on taking a soft approach to hard security. The reason behind the focus is to provide security to patrons without making them feel uncomfortable and as though they are in danger. Instead, civilians are made to feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings.

The VBIED bollards should not stop at the Darwin Local Courts. Australia’s iconic locations should be protected by this initiative whilst still focusing on making our areas look visually appealing.

Areas with high foot traffic such as shopping centres, hotels, airports, theme parks and even the law courts throughout Australia would benefit from the same initiative taken by the NT Government.

As seen with the image above, the fashion capital of Melbourne in Chadstone Shopping Centre has taken the initiative of protecting their shoppers from any hostile dangers. Chadstone’s Vanguard bollards are dark grey to suit the area; however, the design and colour can be customised to the clients’ needs.

Not only do the bollards provide for protection, but they allow tired shoppers to rest their legs by providing seating functionality. The spherical bollards also coincide with the general look and feel of the Chadstone Shopping Centre by appearing sleek, classy and elegant.

The initiative of installing the designer granite bollards is one that will have significant standing for the future. Once installed, Australian streets and hot-spots will be protected and graced by visually appealing pieces of art for good.

Australian Bollards is proud to be able to leave a legacy of protecting Australians and their right to enjoy public spaces.

If you are interested in our soft approach to hard security, do not hesitate to contact us on 9459 3488 or look at our catalogue.

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