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Custom Bollards Installed at Epping Costco

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Our team at Australian Bollards has been working tirelessly in getting the new Epping Costco up and running. 

Costco has chosen to install red powder-coated bollards at the entrance of their store to protect their customers and their assets. Australian Bollards provides customised bollards like these in different shape, size and colour, with the capability to protect against high-impact collisions.

We believe Epping Costco has made a smart choice by selecting these bollards. They are as aesthetically pleasing as they are secure. Security solutions such as this ensure store safety from ram-raids, smash-and-grabs and burglaries.

Projects have also been planned to construct a new Costco store each year, so prioritising efficient workplaces will be necessary. This can be done with pocket isolators. 

Pocket Isolators

Large-scale projects like this require simple and efficient ways to streamline construction. Pocket isolators are an important aspect of worksites such as this because they contain corrosion resistant and long-lasting HDPE recycled materials. This prevents slab edges becoming chipped and pockets filling with debris.

A pocket isolator is a simplified and efficient way of streamlining construction and is therefore an important aspect of large scale construction projects. Our pocket Isolators do not bond to the concrete and are a leave in the slab solution.

NJM Group’s Pocket Isolators are engineered and manufactured to be identical in size so that consistency in the building process is prioritised. In summary, the pocket isolators installed are more cost effective, timely and consistent. 

If you are interested in our Pocket Isolators or Aesthetically pleasing bollards, do not hesitate to contact us on (03) 9459 3488 or visit our website.

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