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NJM Group prides itself on delivering premium standard service and products to our customers. Crown Limited, synonymous with quality of the highest order, is no different and now the two brands have joined forces to further that assertion.

Several NJM Group Electronic Display System (E-DS) units were recently installed inside one of Crown Casino carparks in a bid to improve the driving experience of clients, customers and staff alike.

Parking in places as densely populated as Crown can be rort with inconveniences, whether it is being unable to find a free space, not knowing how busy different sectors of the lot are and being stuck in queues while other drivers scan for parks at a snail’s pace.

Fortunately, the introduction of the E-DS is an all-purpose solution that not only solves the problems listed above but delivers a holistic, interactive manner of parking via a number of impressive, innovative features.

Inbuilt Parking Guidance Information (PGI) provides real time information within a controlled area, letting drivers know which parks are vacant and directing them towards low occupant zones, which decreases search time and removes the element of stress.

Variable Message System (VMS) is another superb function of the E-DS device, allowing the delivery of content via the touch screen display that could be anything from static text, images, graphics or video footage, all operated from a computer located elsewhere in the complex. This can be harnessed in conjunction with a card reader to communicate the price of parking or to wish the exiting driver a nice day.

Similar models have already been implemented at Etihad Stadium, Pullman Melbourne, Torquay’s Coles and Hotel Sofitel Brisbane to great effect, with the latest addition to Crown a significant coup for NJM Group.

With a variety of indoor and outdoor models available, the E-DS range is thriving across Australia as it continues to create a safe, convenient and interactive parking environment for all.

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